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Creative concepts made commercially viable


Our work spans all areas of the The Built Environment, extensive Lifestyle & Consumer verticals, and a broad range of Corporate Services.

Think hotels & restaurants across to multi-family, then jump over (!) to skiing or cycling, and end on a cannabis, VC, or non-profit entity.


Our services encompass brand development and damn near every type of brand implementation one could think.

Strategy, naming, logos, taglines, print, digital, ad campaign, apparel, promotional, packaging, editorial, murals, signage, wayfinding… etc etc. Ayup.

Put simply Proportion is very enjoyable to work with. They are approachable, receptive to feedback, and flexible – and their quality of work is far beyond that of the majority of creative firms out there.

PT Vineburgh, Charlesgate Realty

Partners – not clients


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Proportion always makes themselves accessible & committed, and they treat our projects with a hands-on approach.

Lou Pulice, The Davis Companies