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Defining the built environment, lifestyle experiences & craft consumer products.

Proportion is a Boston-based, boutique branding agency that specializes in bridging the gap between creative ideation and commercial realization to produce solutions that both differentiate and connect.

All of our solutions are unique as necessitated by the project, and all exhibit an elegance and differentiation that ensures leadership positioning, stakeholder connection, and sustainable brand growth for our partners.

Our work spans Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, Multifamily, Apparel, Outdoor, Sport, Craft Food & Beverage.

Our Brand Services:
– Market Analysis
– Audience Analysis
– Mission & Value Prop
– Brand Personality
– Naming
– Visual Identity
– Primary Messaging
– Styling & Guidelines
– Core Collateral
– Campaigns
– Merchandising
– Environmental


As a boutique branding firm, all our projects are principal-led. Our careers have long been immersed in the conceptualization and creative design & development of products, services, and brands for organizations across a broad spectrum of commercial ventures. If you work with us, you’d be working with these fellas:

Blake Goodwin

Founder. President.

Paul Reiss

Founder. Creative Director.


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