ARTAIC - Proportion Design

Design For Building Business

Ranging from brand and marketing collateral design to complete product development, there is no shortage in creative solutions developed for Artaic. Discerning clientele and a fast-paced, design-centric market necessitated a unique offering and polished, consistent presentation of the brand at every engagement.

A deep understanding of the business resulted in a cohesive offering that is positioned as a vibrant, modern interpretation of a traditional luxury product.

Custom tile made simply beautiful

Founded in 2007 to innovate the design and production processes of custom mosaic, Artaic brings a unique technology suite to a traditionally manual industry. A premium overall design aesthetic is required such that sales revenue keeps pace with the speed of internal technology development. This aesthetic is developed and delivered across a range of channels and interactions, including:

_ Product Collections
_ Digital Campaigns
_ Exhibitions
_ Product Presentation
_ Multi-Media Engagements
_ Physical Sales Collateral

Within the array of marketing endeavors, Artaic’s brand messaging requires a balanced discussion of items necessary of both the company and the customer & market. The technology unique to the company must provide a solution applicable to a client concerned with a variety of considerations, from latest design trends to flexibility in product selection. In the end, Artaic’s proprietary design & production processes easily make design statements come to life.