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Positioning a national Cannabis brand with an ‘accesspirational’ identity – excellence within reach.

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Ascend Wellness cannabis branding

The strategy behind the Ascend brand was to create a cannanis brand that is ‘accesspirational’. What is accesspirational? It’s both accessible aspirational – an attainable desire or excellence within reach. Our goal overall was to bring cannabis into the mainstream of retail by providing a hospitality driven cannabis experience.

The logo walks the line between mainstream and premium with an angular, dynamic icon moving upward while remaining grounded. The airy abstract, leaf representation provides a contrast to the bold, heavy logos in the market and overall leans aspirational. This aspirational feel is balanced by a vibrant color palette and simple sans-serif typography.

Ascend Wellness. For Everyone Only.


Logo Design
Identity System


Lifestyle & Consumer:
Alcohol & Cannabis

Ascend Packaging Design
Ascend ad design
Ascend packaging design
Ascend Wellness Cannabis signage
blade sign design - Ascend Wellness Cannabis logo
retail bag design - Ascend Wellness Cannabis
Cannabis packaging design - Ascend Wellness

Wellness doesn’t have to mean peaceful serenity, muted colors, and subdued graphics. To us, wellness means a balance of activity and rest – of both mind and body.

Ascend Wellness Branding-Cannabis packaging
Illuminate the way - Ascend Cannabis Ad
Cannabis bus stop ad


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