Moonlight Meadery Label Design - Proportion Design

Eye-catching Moonlight mead label designs

On the heels of our Moonlight rebranding and alongside ongoing marketing & advertising design, Proportion took the first steps in developing a hierarchical family of labels for the industry-leading meadery. A systematic implementation of several techniques in illustration & pattern, color, and print finishes, dependent upon product category, provided the framework for the design solution. Ultimately the system will be utilized to encompass and segment the 70+ wide spectrum of Moonlight products, in which both category and individual product are concurrently highlighted and integrated.

Custom Illustrations with a Luxurious Moonlit Glow

Product-specific type coloration and prominent foil illustration are the first techniques implemented in our solution for Moonlight’s family of products – and the design foundation for their Core line of mead. Black backgrounds are carried from previous labels for brand continuity. Illustration content is then fashioned to be synonymous with product name while also providing interest to each product and maintaining continuity across this segment of Moonlight product segmentation.

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Tiered Product Differentiation

Furthering the play of color and art as primary design system solutions, and evolving the illustration concept implemented in Core to that of unique patterning, the Limited line stands alone – but not alienated – as a product segment. Foil remains a production highlight of the patterning to maintain a vocabulary across all mead segments, but then additional foiling of product name color and enlargement of type combine to compliment the intricate patterning and overall amplify the Limited series.

Many people don’t like to be labeled.

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