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Sprucing a local mountain to resort status – maximizing acquisition potential.

Mount Sunapee Brand Refresh

Celebrating its 70th anniversary as a premier New Hampshire ski resort, the friends & family of Mount Sunapee partnered with Proportion to develop the next chapter in the mountain’s brand history. After our formal induction into the “We are Sunapee” family, our focus was to remain relevant, fresh, and connected to future generations, while always honoring the legacy it has built.

Sunapee, which comes from the Algonquin word for “Goose Lake”, carries a lasting heritage in its regional significance, and both its iconic and literal representation, which are firmly rooted in the brand story. Couple this with the proximity of Mount Sunapee’s big mountain experience being the closest to the largest population of New England families, and the overall brand strategy was clear.

The brand had to boldly represent the uplifting memories made at Mount Sunapee. The goose had to take flight.


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Rob Bossi
Kurt Wehde


1 Mount Sunapee Ski Branding-poster
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3 Mount Sunapee Ski Branding-collateral
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An Identity that honors the past and looks to the future.

The dynamic goose icon, with “S” shaped wings like smooth turns in fresh powder is iconic and uplifting. It is coupled with a custom wordmark with movement reminiscent of retro ski race type, yet refreshingly modern. Immersed in a uniquely four-season color palette, the new Mount Sunapee identity represents what a progressive ski mountain needs to be: respectful of the past and its local community while setting a course for future sustainable growth.

The new collateral is bold and approachable for both families and the hard-charging alpine loyalist. Photography works in tandem with fresh brand colors to evoke memories of the sun on one’s face on a mountain bluebird day. Clean graphic forms and typography, highlighted by an energetic wordmark, creates a visual desire that draws minds back to the mountains. Design compositions strike an overall balance between an understanding of where the brand came from and where it wants to go.

All brand elements invite you to experience the genuine offerings Mount Sunapee has vested over the last 70 years.

Mount Sunapee Ski Branding-postcard
Sunapee Ski Branding-logo
 Mount Sunapee Ski magazine
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 Sunapee Ski Branding-magazine_cover
Sunapee Ski Mountain Branding
Sunapee Ski Mountain Branding


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