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Given a blank page to create a stationery brand from the ground up.

Talia Branding

Talia Stationery Branding and Product Design

Proportion was approached by a newly assembled U.S. team for Mintra, an international leader in notebook manufacturing based in Egypt. The initial project was to create a point of sale display for discbound notebooks, which led to a two year effort to develop and launch an entirely new brand, including company and product naming, identity, product and packaging design, web development, copywriting (and copyrighting), and creative business consulting.

The result was ‘Talia’ – a youthful brand rooted in value-oriented, customizable discbound notebooks, but with the flexibility to expand outside of stationery. From that core comes the notion of self-expression, where ‘perfection is being courageously imperfect.’

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Talia Branding
Talia note book covers
Talia notebook cover design
Talia Branding
Talia note book covers
Talia brand message
Talia brand message
Talia brand message
Talia Website mockup
Talia discbound notebook discs
Talia discbound notebook discs


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