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Bringing playful charm to a rustic Mediterranean restaurant, La Gallina.

La gallina Mediterranean restaurant branding logo

La Gallina Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar Branding

Inspired by the stories, colors, textures, and flavors of the Mediterranean coast, La Gallina provides a warm, welcoming setting for an elevated family-style restaurant experience. With influences from Portugal to Lebanon and beyond, the menu provides items such as grilled skewered meats, Spanish croquetas, pan-seared Grecian meatballs, and Moroccan stew.

Entering through the bright red doors, guests are transported from the Marketstreet Lynnfield streetscape to a space that is equal parts vibrant and cozy. Though the restaurant can seat up to 235 guests, it retains an intimate, convivial feel. The interior design features exposed brick, rough-hewn beams, copper pots, blue tufted banquettes, and farmhouse dining chairs. An open kitchen is accentuated with a bright yellow pizza oven that dutifully produces delicious sourdough pizzas. The rustic, farmhouse scheme is layered with bright pops of red, yellow, and blue – all cohesively integrated across the restaurant brand.

The visual identity La Gallina, Spanish for The Hen, centers around the restaurant’s namesake. The playful illustration peers backward, inviting folks to join her on her Mediterranean journey. When animated, the icon is infused with even more personality. The logo and primary typeface were hand-drawn to both reflect the ‘Hen-crafted’ brand character and carry the artisanal, rustic charm from the interiors into print and digital interactions. The meal is capped off with postcards that lightheartedly integrate the contemporary hen into classic oil paintings, documenting La Gallina’s journey around the Mediterranean.


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Identity System
Brand Collateral
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Web Development:
Facta Studio

Select Photography:
Joe St. Pierre

La Gallina Lynnfield Interior
La gallina pizza boxes

In today’s world of hospitality, evoking the senses is critical in creating a holistic hospitality experience. Proportion Design has certainly done it for us here at La Gallina. This is the difference between just eating a meal versus experiencing a concept.”


James Wierzelewski

La Gallina Lynnfield Interior
OJB tote bag with books
playful gallina stickers
Denim Blue Apron with Gold embroidered logo
Pizza making in la gallina
Pizza making animation
White pizza box with red hen logo
Gallina wine animation hen popping out of a glass
Gallina Restaurant food and menu

“Gallina is all about gathering around the table and extending the concept of ‘family’ – similar to how it was working with proportion. They’re family. We will not work with any other firm.”


Matthias Kiehm

La gallina restaurant interior
Restaurant takeout bag with hen
La Gallina aged metal sign
Pizza Boxes
postcard and business card
hen illustrations
La Gallina Postcards
postcard art design of hen on boat
Animation of hen on boat


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