Matadora Spanish Restaurant Branding - Proportion Design

A stylish brand for Matadora restaurant inspired by Spanish artistry

Located in the Hilton Boston/Woburn, Matadora is a contemporary tapas restaurant conceptually conceived of by COJE, the restaurant group behind Ruka and Lolita. With a centralized wood-fired grill and sleek open kitchen, the restaurant serves up a blended menu of traditional tapas and inspired entrées.

Proportion worked with COJE to realize the brand through restaurant naming to menu design and mural creation. The identity centers around the artistically developed main figure of the female matador holding a charging bull at bay. This strong figure is complemented by a brushed M that alludes to the pre-charge scratching of hooves. The artistic elements are balanced with clean typography and refined layouts.

In a similar vein as the hotel branding, the restaurant identity is inspired by the rich history of Spanish leather craftsmanship, namely in Barcelona. The stitching on the side of the menus provides a unique, tactile element that subtly carries that inspiration through the collateral.

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