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Rebranding one of “Boston’s Douchiest Bars”

Years ago, Hurricane O’Reilly’s on Canal street was included on “The 25 Douchiest Bars in Boston” list by, stating “The dance floor at Hurricane O’Reilly’s, near the Garden, is one of the most terrifying destinations in Boston.” Since then, it only got darker and dirtier – until The Briar Restaurant Group took over in 2017. We worked with The Briar Group to reposition, (sort of) rename, and rebrand the bar/restaurant that has long been a well-known watering hole near the Boston Garden.

With minimal budget, a shit-load of cleaning supplies, white paint, select finishes, a new sound system, and a new energetic identity, Hurricane O’Reilly’s became “Hurricane’s at the Garden.” By keeping the Hurricane’s moniker, we retained the name recognition built up since 2002. Dropping “O’Reilly’s,” and adding subtext relating to the location, sheds old brand associations and connects with the exciting development happening around the Garden. The identity is vibrant and versatile, connecting with both game-day bar goers and the nightlife party crowd alike. While there may still be a handful of bean-town bros, bro-ing it up over beeahs dude, the atmosphere is definitely more welcoming and approachable for a bite before or after the big game.

MMMMMMmmmmm Beer

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