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An iconic brand to get mead into the hands of craft beer consumers.

Melovino Meadery Branding Logo

Melovino Meadery Branding, Label & Package Design

Founded by Meadmaker Sergio Moutela, Melovino has become one of the fastest growing meaderies in the country. The visually simple, yet utterly memorable icon is not only an M as well as a hexagon, it also depicts the bold form and structure of a honey bee’s head flying right for you. The engaging mark is coupled with a clean wordmark which all together sheds the old-world image of mead and makes it appealing to the modern craft beer drinking consumer.

Along with launching a new Melovino identity, we were tasked with creating some “badass” labels for a series of session meads to compete with craft beer and cider. The first two of the series were the Pretender, a hoppy mead pretending to be a beer, and Juniper Landing, made with juniper berries. For these, we created custom artwork – a bee mutated with hops and a falcon with a juniper affliction. The airy layout feels refreshing and lets the artwork pop and stand out on the store shelf.


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Melovino Mead Branding-kegs
Melovino Mead juniper_landing label design
Melovino Mead Branding-businesscard
Melovino Mead keg collar
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Melovino Van graphics design
Melovino bottle design
Melovino Mead juniper_landing label design
Melovino Mead pretender ipa label design
Melovino Mead Brand pretender packaging design


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